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Trade your generosity for their blessing

Welcome to The Shop, an all-volunteer part of Maranatha’s Men’s Ministry. We work with wood, sell our products, and use the proceeds to support our Car Care Ministry.

Maranatha Church’s Senior Pastor Mike Haseltine desires our ministries to be Holy Spirit driven and to pursue God’s dream in our life as well as the lives of others.

Helping those less fortunate shows the love of God. We want to impact our church family, our community, and the world for Jesus Christ. For our men, it all started by doing Car Care for single moms and roofing houses for people in need. To help pay for these events, we started building outdoor chairs to sell. This developed into building a small shop on our church campus. Donations helped us build an addition to our building, put in a lift, and continue our Car Care.

Making chairs has now developed into a variety of products. We now complete over 100 cars each year for oil changes and minor repairs, helping widows, single moms, and people in need. Your donation for the purchase of our products goes entirely to The Shop as we are an all-volunteer work force.

The purpose of Maranatha Assembly of God is to establish and maintain a missionary and evangelistic church, and to provide a place of worship for the same in the town of Forest Lake, in the County of Washington and State of Minnesota; to establish, maintain and conduct schools for religious instruction of the young, and to further other charitable work.  This is accomplished by actively fulfilling our four-fold purpose:

To Worship God ·  To Draw People to Jesus  ·  To Impact Our Community  ·  To Teach and To Train

The Shop Car Care Program is an example of our purpose.  The Car Care Program volunteers support our community by helping single parents, the elderly, veterans, and others in need with trusted, scheduled car maintenance and evaluation. All the proceeds from the sale of items from The Shop support those endeavors.