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Prayer & Fasting ~ For more information please read  “Maranatha’s Prayer and Fasting Guide”

“Prayer creates a portal for the supernatural to reach the physical.
Fasting magnifies this prayer.”
Pastor Orleen Haseltine
“Fasting is the willful decision to show God you’re serious.”
Pastor Mike Haseltine
“Fasting is a willful decision to get God’s attention.”
Pastor Mike Haseltine
“Fasting is the willful decision to take action.”
Pastor Mike Haseltine
“Fasting unclutters us & magnifies Him.”
Pastor Orleen Haseltine
“More than any other discipline, FASTING reveals the things that control us.” Richard Foster.

Check out Pastor Orleen’s  A Prayer Primer: 14 Facets of Prayer we can learn & grow in.  Here are her notes on the Book of Psalms.

Want to prepare for adult water baptism? You can read more about that here.

We believe in infant dedication and believer water baptism. See why here. Is your child interested in being water baptized, there is more information here.

The Kingdom Triad ~ Which kingdom do you give the “Power of the Yield?” You can read Pastor Orleen’s teaching on The Kingdom Triad here.

In Authority, Under Authority ~ Maranatha’s Organization of Leadership by Pastor Bob Headley. You can read more about that here.

Tithing ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~ If you are interested in learning more about tithing, here is some wonderful information that Pastor Orleen has put together.