Are you or your child ready for water baptism?

Here is a copy of the Water Baptism Parent Release Form

We encourage kids to be 10 – 12 years old to participate in water baptism. We also encourage parents to participate in the baptism by being up on the stage or on the beach to celebrate their child’s decision. This reinforces that they are the spiritual leader in the kid’s life and helps us to partner with them.

Why should I be baptized in water?
Water baptism symbolizes the personal commitment we have made to Christ while showing others we have asked Jesus into our life and we want to live for Him.

When we are baptized, we are completely immersed in water to show that our selfishness is dying and we are rising from the water to begin a new life in Christ. Matthew 28:19 tells us to be baptized “in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Jesus said we are to follow his example and be baptized in water (See Mark 1:1-11).

Types of questions my Pastor may ask me before I am baptized and possible answers:

Why do you want to be baptized?
I want to show everyone that I committed my life to serve God. I want to show everyone that I have asked Jesus into my heart. I want to follow Jesus and please God.

How do you know that you are going to heaven?
I know that I already have everlasting life because Jesus said that if I believe Him and obey Him I will be with Him forever. Jesus is in heaven and I will be there, too, when I die.

When did Jesus come into your life and save you?
I asked Jesus to come into my life when I was ….. . Jesus saved me from my sins when I asked Him to forgive me.

What does baptism mean or show?
My baptism will show that I have been washed on the inside. My baptism will show that I have made a personal commitment to live for Jesus. My baptism will symbolize Jesus’ death and resurrection. My baptism will show that I am part of God’s family, the church.

What will happen at your baptism?
I will come to church or the lake with my family. I will wear shorts and a t-shirt that I can get wet. I will step into the baptismal with the Pastor who is baptizing people. The Pastor will help me go down into the water and come back up. The whole church will sing and pray. Everyone will praise God.

After baptism, what will you do to show that you are on God’s team and He is ruler of your life?
I will continue to be obedient to what Jesus asks of me. I will pray to God and read my Bible. I will come to learn and worship with others at church. I will tell others what I am learning about Jesus.
Are you wanting to be baptized to please someone else or is this something you really want to do?
Your personal answer.

If you decide on water baptism for your child 10 – 12 years old, please contact Pastor Tina at 651-797-7384 or email.