Baby Dedications at Maranatha

At Maranatha, we love to celebrate significant events in each others lives. Indeed, having a child, being baptized, and making a marriage covenant are special and sacred steps in life. Very often, it is at these times in life that people want to have a church ceremony, whether or not they are a regular part of a church.

Therefore, we hope to assist you in understanding the biblical significance of these events, as well as to make them meaningful and memorable. Please take the time to find out how we prepare for and practice these events, and thank you for including us in your journey of life and spiritual growth.

As an evangelical church, we do not baptize infants, but rather offer them in a dedication ceremony. In this way, the parents make a pledge to raise the child in an environment where God’s Word and ways are modeled and practiced, and the child is urged to make a personal decision to follow Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. The Bible tells us to believe in Christ, first, to repent and then to be baptized. As the child grows, we prepare the child to choose to demonstrate his/her commitment to Jesus by being baptized.

We highly recommend that parents and others interested in knowing more about the child dedication perspective and practice read our booklet, “An Analysis of Infant Dedication and Believer Baptism.”

You can also read an explanatory paper on “Infant Baptism, Age of Accountability, Dedication of Children” at Infant Baptisim, Age of Accountability, Dedication of Children

During the dedication service, the parent(s) and child join the pastor on the platform, along with all invited friends and family, as the pastor explains the significance of dedication. He then has the parents make a pledge of commitment to raising the Lord’s child, as well as the congregation in assisting in providing opportunity for this child to grow in the Lord. Lastly, he prays a blessing over the child and parent(s). When the prayer is done the pastor presents the parent(s) their child as a visual reminder that this is a child of God placed in their care.

If you would like to dedicate your child at Maranatha, we recommend the following:

Of utmost importance is that the parents have made a personal commitment to Christ, and that they are living a life of obedience. Therefore, it is best if the parents demonstrate their commitment to Jesus Christ by being water baptized by immersion. In this manner, the parents are affirming their salvation, as well the child’s need to receive Christ and be baptized later in life as a personal decision. If you would like to find out more about being baptized, please see our page entitled “Water Baptism.”

Also, we request that if the parents are living together and are not wed, that they be married prior to the dedication ceremony. This environment of stability and fidelity is God’s design for a healthy and happy home, because ultimately, it is in the home–not the church–where a child will be nurtured in the faith and in life. If you wish to find about more about being married through Maranatha, please go to our page entitled “Wedding.”

Before dedicating your child, we would like to discuss the previous mentioned topics with you, and answer any further questions you may have. Therefore, you will need to do the following in order to have your child dedicated at Maranatha:

Contact Pastor Tina, Children’s Ministry, to discuss dedicating your child. She will conduct a short interview with you by phone or in person. You may reach her by email, or by phone at (651) 797-7384.

Attend a parenting class. These will be offered at various times throughout the year. Watch the bulletin for announcements of upcoming classes or contact the office for more information.

Contact Pastor Tina by email here or call 651-797-7384 after taking class to start the scheduling process. The dedications will be scheduled only after class has been taken.