Geared to help your prayer life

Hearing God and knowing what he thinks of you can change your life.


Perseverance and Endurance

It’s not unusual to occasionally feel a disconnect in our relationship with Jesus. Whether it seems like you’re not connecting or as if something is in your way, a focused time of prayer could be very helpful. We have a great team of safe, trained believers ready to enjoy a time of prayer with you.


Interested in scheduling a time of prayer?

Complete these forms and return them to the office. Forms to be completed (pdf)


Please read this

To make the most of your time of prayer, please read this information (pdf)


Prayer Guide

If prayer seems a little overwhelming and you’re not sure where to start, we have an outline for you that can help guide and inspire your time in prayer. Use it as a jumping off place with the Holy Spirit and follow Him as He brings to mind other things to pray about. Monthly Prayer Guide Outline (pdf)