Counseling Services

Ministering the Truth

The clinic staff pledges that the confidentiality of our clients will be fully protected. Feel free to discuss the policy of confidentiality with your counselor. To see a counselor you can start by downloading your confidential questionnaire here – please email your completed form to


To offer counseling to all regardless of their ability to pay. The Truth of Jesus Christ is here applied to life on an individual basis.


To give counsel on the basis of the Truth as it is in Jesus, without legalism or condemnation, to all who seek help.


Anyone, Christian or non-Christian, who desires clear, simple, truth-orientated, reality based counseling.


No fees are charged. Those who are receiving services are encouraged to contribute as no fees are charged. Those who are receiving services are encouraged to contribute as the Lord leads.


Extended counseling will be the norm. Goals can normally be met in ten to twenty weekly sessions.


Psychological testing offers valuable insights into the nature of client problems. If you desire to take a psychological exam, you will be charged $40 for the exam.

Our counseling staff consists of men and women who have sensed the call of God on their lives to serve and disciple others. Our staff has undergone intense training preparing them for their respective counseling ministries. They are being trained in psychological understanding, as well as theological and spiritual counseling procedures. It is the aim of each clinic staff member to offer the highest quality counseling services available, commensurate with their level of training, and with the assurance that Christian goals, value and ethics will govern all procedures.

The clinic, though staffed by non-professional servants of Jesus, is directed and supervised by Pastor Dave Anderson, Counseling Pastor of Maranatha and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). Pastor Dave provides ongoing supervision and training for the clinic staff.

Clinical director pastor Dave Anderson, LMFT

What is Christian Counseling, as practiced at Maranatha, is the process of training troubled individuals to help themselves by learning how to be set free by the Truth of God’s Word.

Here, Christianity is not merely a religion or source of ethical values, but Jesus, the Truth, is the Remedy.


Appointments are available at 7 or 8 PM on Tuesday evenings. Each appointment will be fifty minutes in length. To make appointments please call Maranatha’s Counseling Clinic at 651-464-3131