Youth Ministries

Frontline Youth exists to help youth build a life-changing relationship with God. We are here to unite together to worship and serve God together and welcome all youth grades 7th to 12th grade to come join us Wednesday nights at 6:30 PM.

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Wednesday Night Format

Each month we have two message nights and two small group nights. The message nights are designed to teach the students a message that will help them develop their relationship with God. One of the small group nights is designed around a curriculum where we break into groups and give the students a chance to talk through things amongst themselves to decide what their relationship with God looks like. The other small group night is a night where we break into groups and provide the students with activities that will strengthen their relationship with God while also building a stronger relationship with each other and the leaders. All of our messages and teachings come directly from the bible.

If you have any questions, contact the youth leaders at or the church at 651-464-3131.

Bible Reading Plan

We believe that one thing that helps the students to develop a real and lasting relationship with God is to spend time reading the bible. We have developed a Bible Reading Plan where we give them the option to get the daily bible chapters through email, text, Instagram or Facebook. If you would like to get added to the email or text lists please email us at

Missions/Speed the Light

Frontline Youth supports mission by raising money for Speed The Light every year. Each year we have the students make a goal for how much the youth group with raise for Speed The Light as well as have each student pledge how much they will individually raise for Speed The Light. To raise money we do group fundraisers, take offerings, give ideas for how they can raise money individually, and participate in the 30 for Freedom run. The money donated to Speed The light helps various organizations around the world spread the Gospel to people that otherwise might not have access to it. You can learn more about Speed The Light here.

Local Service Projects

We believe that part of being a Christian is being a servant and to help instill this quality in students we take them on various service projects where they can give back to our church or the community around us.

Mission Trips

God has commanded us to spread the gospel and we help teach students to do this by giving them opportunities to come serve on mission trips.

If you have any questions, contact the youth leaders at or the church at 651-464-3131.

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